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The Easiest way to send Emails with only Next.js (no backend required)

In this article, we will craft an optimized developer experience for capturing and sending emails, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Next.js for server-side rendering, Resend API for managing email transactions, and React-Email to design and create email templates.

Optimizing Images in Next.js with BlurHash and Skeleton Loading

Enhance user experience by implementing image optimization with BlurHash and skeleton loaders in Next.js. This guide walks you through the steps of building a highly optimized image component, improving perceived performance and visual appeal.

Internationalization in Next.js 14 with App Router

Internationalization (i18n) is essential for making web applications accessible to a global audience. With Next.js 14, you can seamlessly integrate i18n using the App Router, enabling both client-side and server-side dictionary access.